• Image of Sterling Orthoceras Fossil Blue Topaz Statement Ring

Orthoceras, a 400 million year-old ancestor of the squid was a hunter and adaptable creature to its ever changing environment with the ability to crawl the ocean floors or float along with the currents. These fossilized aquatic creatures are found in the Baltic Seas of Sweden embedded in limestone.

The Orthoceras fossil is believed to instill pride, success, confidence and balance out conflicting emotions for its wearer.

Blue topaz is known to help one express their feelings and takes you deeper into consciousness.

The sterling silver statement ring is handcrafted. The fossil and sky blue topaz facets (heat treated for color) are set in a unique, brilliant satin-finished sterling silver adorned with granulation representing bubbles from the sea.

Ring is a size 7.5 and stamped with 925 and moniker. It comes with a double band and three 3.5 mm blue topaz facets. The length of the ring is about 2.5 inches in length and about 1 inch at its widest point.

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